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Harvard using DNA to Store Information?

Well, It would appear the geniuses at Harvard have done yet another amazing thing with DNA.  After sequencing the stuff for years, they have discovered how to store text information in strands of DNA.  By taking the four letter sequencing of DNA strands and modifying it to code for text and location in the book the text is taken from they have been able to store 704 Terabytes in a gram of  DNA.

Lets put that into perspective.  A 1 Terabyte Hard Drive weighs a little over 450grams.  So putting 400 of these 1 gram DNA packets in the same space would give you about 280,000 Tb of information storage.  Or if we wanted to run in the other direction, a one gram piece of DNA that could fit on the tip of your finger would take the equivalent of 700 1Tb Hard drives weighing 700lbs, thats like 5 or 6 normal people...or one really really fat person.

It would appear the way of encoding and decoding all his information on the fly with your smart phone isn't quite perfected yet, but I'm sure someones already working on an app for that. Imagine being able to give a hand shake with a binding contract and then lets add some skynet crazy nanobots that instagib you if you renege on said contract. I should probably be working with these guys at Harvard to make their mind blowing ideas even more spectacular.

Google's Nexus 7 Tablet

Google's Nexus 7 Tablet has been getting a lot of hype over the past few days since their announcement of the tablet and google play which would appear to be a combination of hulu or netflix instant, as well as a magazine, book, and music subscription service.  All and all it's looking like google made a good move with the combination release of their new service and this well priced Nexus 7 tablet.

It's price is currently at 200 dollars for the 8gb model and 250 for the 16gig version.  While the storage size difference doesn't seem like much, with the app storage as well as making room for the operating system, it might be prudent to opt for the Nexus 7 16gb model so you can store some of your favorite TV shows or movies while still using the tablet for your daily internet browsing.  You'll have to have a constant wi-fi connection though, because the Nexus 7 doesn't have any planned mobile affinities.

Quick and Dirty
 Pros:Price, this thing is about 300 dollars cheaper than

Professional photographer

About a year ago i picked up a canon T2I.  It's part of the rebel EOS family and I thought it would make me take great pictures.  I just saw an ad for a canon T4I rebel and thought to, i spent way too much money on a camera I never use.  A few weddings and some family pick-nicks later and I realized I never take as many pictures as I like and i have to carry this boat anchor around with me.  Don't get me wrong the camera has a lot of functionality and if i had the time and energy to figure out how to use all those cool features it would probably be one of my favorite toys.  As of right now though, i think I'll stick to my point and shoot 1911, sure it can't take pictures but it makes memories just as well.  If you're looking into getting a "professional" camera like the brand spanking new Canon T4I, I'd suggest looking into how much time you have to learn how to use it besides just the amount of time you'll be taking pictures.  It's a very time consuming hobby.

Samsung galaxy vs my old POS

I have an Iphone 3GS.  I'm also still on a family plan with my sister.  I really could care less that she got a new phone every 6months using up everyone elses upgrades, it's her money, she should use it when she wants to(lol JG wentworth), until I started actually using the smart features on my phone. It's a legitimate pain trying to use a phone thats 3 years old and drops calls randomly, though i guess no one but me actually makes phone calls anymore.  So I think i might have to upgrade to a Samsung galaxy SIII when it's released.  The thing has voice and facial recognition, and while i wasn't too impressed with siri on my friends Iphone4, it's nice to be able to tell people your shit is better than theirs in the materialistic world we live in. The facial recognition feature makes the screen stay lit up as long as someone is maintaining eye contact with it, so unless I get mangled in some freak accident like a grease fire and my face becomes completely unrecognizable that's a neat feature too, but I get a feeling that's not how it works exactly.