Family ties

I'm moving back to my home town in a few months and I spoke with my sister soon after telling her.  Her first comment was "omg we should be roommates!" Now I love my sister, and my parents and my whole family despite or maybe because of how much we argue and have differing viewpoints. The thing is, I can never tell what my sisters genuine intentions are, or i should say...I can always tell when she's being deceitful. That's pretty much all the time. On one hand I'd probably get some kickbacks from my parents to cover her rent since she's that kind of princess, but on the other I have to deal with her. She does have a lot of interesting friends, although they're not really my type when they can't form half a sentence, but they are fun to look at.

These pro-cons lists are much more fun when they spell out the things you love and hate about a person. I'd recommend them for everyone, but if you take yourself too seriously you may want to hold off.  A requirement of being my friend is that you have tough skin, and a strong stomach, and an offensively entertaining sense of humor, and...well there are a lot of pre-reqs to being in the cool kids club but we'll leave that for another day, another post.