multicultural college classes

General education classes are an interesting thing. I'm currently taking a class about multicultural theater and it's as you would imagine...go see a few plays, read a few plays, write some essays, watch episodes of chapelles show and the movie crash...wait what? For the first time i'm actually interested in a class about things that I would generally not care about.  Granted I doubt the creators of chapelles show care much about furthering multicultural relations and would much rather play on the racist hilarity that makes them popular. 
I don't really get the whole idea behind trying to flush out the "problems" plaguing the world of minorities. That could be because I'm a white dude that was raised Catholic in his early 20s that's had everything handed to him, but I have a black friend...Did I just pull the "black friend" card? Yeah I did, but him being black has nothing to do with it. He graduated from MIT and runs an IT department for a large corporation, likes to hunt, fish, kayak, camp. He's my friend not because of the color of his skin(ok maybe a little so i can say i have a black friend) but because he likes to do the same ole shit that I do. 

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