Graduating college

People who have just graduated college and gotten their first full time real job where you're at work all day are interesting.  Their habits change. Before it was party all night every night and weekends even though class is early tomorrow morning.  Now it's I can't spend an hour or two reminiscing without copious amounts of alcohol because i have work in the morning. As if that lack of alcohol or single beer was going to be detrimental and give you the worst hangover your life has ever experienced.  Ah, to be young and free again.

multicultural college classes

General education classes are an interesting thing. I'm currently taking a class about multicultural theater and it's as you would imagine...go see a few plays, read a few plays, write some essays, watch episodes of chapelles show and the movie crash...wait what? For the first time i'm actually interested in a class about things that I would generally not care about.  Granted I doubt the creators of chapelles show care much about furthering multicultural relations and would much rather play on the racist hilarity that makes them popular. 
I don't really get the whole idea behind trying to flush out the "problems" plaguing the world of minorities. That could be because I'm a white dude that was raised Catholic in his early 20s that's had everything handed to him, but I have a black friend...Did I just pull the "black friend" card? Yeah I did, but him being black has nothing to do with it. He graduated from MIT and runs an IT department for a large corporation, likes to hunt, fish, kayak, camp. He's my friend not because of the color of his skin(ok maybe a little so i can say i have a black friend) but because he likes to do the same ole shit that I do.