Write a 365 page book

We all seem to go through life doing the same old, same old.  This is a totally cliche idea, but what if we actually treat our lives like a book.  Live to remember those who taught us so much.  Walk in their shoes now that they're gone.  Be better people.  Meet someone new and learn from them, then let them go and move on with your life.  We too often cling to the things that pull us down because they're familiar. Lets all start making ourselves better, stronger, more powerful, and more caring individuals.  And now that we're all done with that hippy shit...drinking fixes everything, just don't be an alcoholic. Come out of your comfort zone and be the person everyone else wants to be.  I know that's my new years resolution, be even more of a badass than I was last year.  I'll wear a suit more often, wear that loud tie that people envy, wear the bright colored pants that all the women love and men need to hate on. Most importantly, I'll be the best damn friend I can be to the people who need it.

So get out there folks, get out there and put your best foot forward. Save the world, save the children, save the puppies, whatever you do, be better human beings. 

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  1. Hi Steve,
    I agree with you.

    Life are just like a book,
    It is also like a stage,
    True stories are always created,
    They are absolute interesting
    Because they are full of feelings.
    Words are amazing
    They are capable to turn themselves into drama.

    I really enjoy your post.