Life is Living

I know two kinds of people.  People who do what they love and people who love talking about how much money they make doing something they hate.  I have so much admiration for people who love what they do so much they can talk enthusiastically about it for hours on end.  They don't scold or give you a look of disdain when you ask them about their job when you're out for drinks, but give you a grin and try to keep the explanation simple. Of course their explanation is never enough because of how enthralled you become with their pure love of what they're talking about. 

Then there's the guy who never stops talking about his hourly wage when you ask what they do.  Oh I'm in this profession, it's terrible, I hate it, but I make lots of money.  I guess I'm saying, find a job you love enough that it's more a lifestyle than a job that you resent going to Monday morning.  If you can say tomorrow is Monday and I'm happy to go to work then you've probably beaten half the people on the planet at the game of life, if you make it a competition of course. 

Freedom or uh, blank stares?

I need to get the hell out of California.  I love the weather but I'll be damned if I can't be truly free. I swear the politicians not only in this state, but across the country think up laws just to troll people...the less insight you have into my opinion on this the more you'll agree with it so I'll leave all 37 of my readers at that. Freedom is an interesting concept that we don't seem to grasp in the "freest"(that's a word, i looked it up) nation on earth. Anyway, back to learning how to save lives.

Get going before complacency sets in

I try not to spend too much time reflecting on what I've done as it doesn't help me make progress towards most of my goals in life.  Other than when I'm trying to compile a list of extracurricular activities that may or may not have to do with the program I'm applying to or the job I'm trying to get of course. One of the biggest walls I see people come up against is that they're too busy dwelling on the past instead of taking one foot and putting it in front of the other. Stagnation sucks, keep going before you become content with it.

Irony and motivation

"One original thought is worth a thousand mindless quotings"  Notice that's in quotation marks.  I have a ton of these random pictures that I put up as my screen saver and when i come back from grabbing a cup of coffee or a phone call, sometimes I just sit there and think.  Some are more geared towards those of us that have certain goals like for me, fitness, as i used to be fat as fat can be.  After putting in months and years of dedication, you don't need those little spurts of motivation anymore because you've changed your mindset. I've got another good quote for mindset that I'll have to dig through my hard drive to find. Or i could, ya know, try and think something up that's original but how many mindless quotings is a picture with a mindless quoting worth...

Professional photographer

About a year ago i picked up a canon T2I.  It's part of the rebel EOS family and I thought it would make me take great pictures.  I just saw an ad for a canon T4I rebel and thought to, i spent way too much money on a camera I never use.  A few weddings and some family pick-nicks later and I realized I never take as many pictures as I like and i have to carry this boat anchor around with me.  Don't get me wrong the camera has a lot of functionality and if i had the time and energy to figure out how to use all those cool features it would probably be one of my favorite toys.  As of right now though, i think I'll stick to my point and shoot 1911, sure it can't take pictures but it makes memories just as well.  If you're looking into getting a "professional" camera like the brand spanking new Canon T4I, I'd suggest looking into how much time you have to learn how to use it besides just the amount of time you'll be taking pictures.  It's a very time consuming hobby.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

I feel like this would make the movie so much better...Abraham Lincoln riding a bear holding an AR15 with the constitution and an American flag saddle...I doubt it could get much more bad ass than this. Maybe if they made the hat a little taller, I think it could be lacking in height...

What I look Like when I run

This, every damn time...this.  I look derpy as hell when I run. In fact, I think I make the people who think this is them look good.