Former fatty here

So I always liked the movie forest gump because forest was always being a righteous awesome dude despite people being dicks to him. Plus awesome ping pong skills. I also always knew this quote had deeper the movie it's "you never know what you're gonna get" and it relates to how forest was "disadvantaged" but he overcame it.  I've heard people use it as an excuse for oh well i was born with these genetics. Or "it just runs in my family".  And all i have to say to the fatties that say that is, "No one runs in their family".

Aren't you just special

Well this demotivational pretty much says it all...just because you're unique doesn't mean you're useful.  That goes for all the people with their strong values that think their degrees in liberal arts and sociology mean they deserve to be employed making enough money to pay back their loans. Was investing 100 grand into an education at a private university with no understanding as to what you were getting out of the deal a bad idea?  You tell me. I don't think standing outside in the rain protesting people who got useful degrees is making you any money to pay back those loans.  Better get flipping burgers ;)
Then again, I don't have a degree so what do I know right.

Awesome badassery

This right here is the epitome of awesome.  Those dogs are just chillin with their sunglasses and the one on the side doesn't give a damn.  He's obviously in charge.

Fat is delicious

Really i don't even know, but the S&W 500 is a pretty sweet in XXXL like my dads shirts.  Him and 30% of the population. Do yourself a favor, eat something grilled not processed.  Less carbs more steak. Be a man. Fat doesn't make you fat too much food does.

I love people

People like this are going to reproduce one day.  Or this is your son or daughter, I'm not quite sure which.  Obviously raised to a high standard.

Politically incorrect

I'm going to veer off of the whole food course and just post things that are funny.  Some people won't find them funny, in fact many people will find them disturbing or repulsive. I'm going to attribute that to them having a weak mind or not having truly lived in the world and realized that the politically correct bullshit we see on TV is a facade designed to make us hate each other.  That or I'm making things up, but if this was(depending on your political beliefs) on CNN, MSNBC, or Fox news you'd believe it in a heartbeat. Right...

PS...Photoshop is awesome