The Starbucks Diet

So it would appear that some lady lost 76 pounds on a Starbucks diet recently.  I'm impressed, really, as all the food there seems to be about 500 calories other than black coffee of course. Apparently bistro boxes are the exception to the rule (protein platter anyone?) Granted you’re eating every 5 hours with very few calories and as much coffee as you want to keep that oral fixation to a minimum.  It’s like everyone’s favorite Jarrod from subway.  The guy lost something like 300 pounds but once he was out of the spotlight those pounds just started adding up again.  This lady is a law librarian and seems to understand calories in calories out so I’ll follow her on twitter and hope she keeps up with it(i don't think she has a twitter). As much as I love those sugary drinks from Starbucks I'd much prefer some fresh deli meat and cheese, but to each his own.

I guess you could put together a decent composition from Starbucks if you really wanted to, but why would you want to is the question.  You can get a higher quality cheaper meal from the local grocery store for less effort.  And then you’re not tempted by the high calorie drinks like mocha frapachino with whip for an exorbitant amount of calories.  Maybe it’s just me and my lack of dedication to my diet, but I can’t pass on delicious chocolaty goodness when it’s just sitting right in front of me.
So after reading that, I want to propose a question.  Should we all go on the Starbucks diet?  I’m going to say yes and lets all drink Starbucks coffee and be happy and get skinny at the same time.  Unless we all start experiencing miserable mood swings due to caffeine overload and calorie withdrawals, then I’m out and am going back to pizza and cookies and cake.  If you’re in that boat, you might as well check out my pintrest to make your mouth water with all the good food posted on there, and women seem to enjoy posting half naked pictures of themselves and other hot chicks in their “motivational” boards.  It’s motivational alright.  


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