Life Hacks, this is how you do it

I came across a post somewhere on the internet about life hacks... I wish I had known about all these awesome ideas 10 years ago.  Save money, less frustration, plus theres a way to de-odorize a sponge...I wonder if it works for people.  You know, those people that, when they walk through the door you don't even need to turn around to know it's them. Their aroma just wafts through the air and enrages your nostrils to no end.  I don't think they make microwaves big enough though, and you might need a ton of dishwasher detergent.

Tesla Roadster troll

Yep, that's Teslas' new electric car, the Tesla Roadster.  Looks an awful lot like a Lotus Elise, but it's got a tesla emblem on the back between the taillights if you pull out your magnifying glass.  Well, maybe it's just the color that made me think like that.  But the thing that threw me off was the license plate.  This guy is just trolling everyone on the road. Not only is his car more badass than yours, but it's electric so he can piss off all the hippies in their stanky bio diesels and shitty VW vans.  Granted cost to own and unit production means you have to posses lots of dem moniez.

I think i need to buy a real beater and put contradictory bumper stickers all over it.  You know when you see a bumper sticker that agrees with your personal political/sociological viewpoint and you kind of nod your head like fuck yeah this person gets me...I want to do that to people then have them pause and think...wait WTF, why does this person want to bomb Mecca and re elect Obama.

Internet memes with Dickfigures...

A friend sent me this video that I hadn't seen before, and since there's a little internet troll inside all of us I figured we should entertain the idea of pwning noobs every so often. While I'm not sure how I feel about the name of this series "Dickfigures", it's entertaining as balls. (see what i did there) Check them out, watch a few videos, but don't forget, YouTube should never be taken seriously...ever. Unless it's TEDtalks. Or Chuck Norris jokes. Or Jenna Marbles.  Or the honey badger...damn honey badger.

Google's Nexus 7 Tablet

Google's Nexus 7 Tablet has been getting a lot of hype over the past few days since their announcement of the tablet and google play which would appear to be a combination of hulu or netflix instant, as well as a magazine, book, and music subscription service.  All and all it's looking like google made a good move with the combination release of their new service and this well priced Nexus 7 tablet.

It's price is currently at 200 dollars for the 8gb model and 250 for the 16gig version.  While the storage size difference doesn't seem like much, with the app storage as well as making room for the operating system, it might be prudent to opt for the Nexus 7 16gb model so you can store some of your favorite TV shows or movies while still using the tablet for your daily internet browsing.  You'll have to have a constant wi-fi connection though, because the Nexus 7 doesn't have any planned mobile affinities.

Quick and Dirty
 Pros:Price, this thing is about 300 dollars cheaper than