Professional photographer

About a year ago i picked up a canon T2I.  It's part of the rebel EOS family and I thought it would make me take great pictures.  I just saw an ad for a canon T4I rebel and thought to, i spent way too much money on a camera I never use.  A few weddings and some family pick-nicks later and I realized I never take as many pictures as I like and i have to carry this boat anchor around with me.  Don't get me wrong the camera has a lot of functionality and if i had the time and energy to figure out how to use all those cool features it would probably be one of my favorite toys.  As of right now though, i think I'll stick to my point and shoot 1911, sure it can't take pictures but it makes memories just as well.  If you're looking into getting a "professional" camera like the brand spanking new Canon T4I, I'd suggest looking into how much time you have to learn how to use it besides just the amount of time you'll be taking pictures.  It's a very time consuming hobby.

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