Life is Living

I know two kinds of people.  People who do what they love and people who love talking about how much money they make doing something they hate.  I have so much admiration for people who love what they do so much they can talk enthusiastically about it for hours on end.  They don't scold or give you a look of disdain when you ask them about their job when you're out for drinks, but give you a grin and try to keep the explanation simple. Of course their explanation is never enough because of how enthralled you become with their pure love of what they're talking about. 

Then there's the guy who never stops talking about his hourly wage when you ask what they do.  Oh I'm in this profession, it's terrible, I hate it, but I make lots of money.  I guess I'm saying, find a job you love enough that it's more a lifestyle than a job that you resent going to Monday morning.  If you can say tomorrow is Monday and I'm happy to go to work then you've probably beaten half the people on the planet at the game of life, if you make it a competition of course. 

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