Obviously Compensating

I love guns. Some would call me a gun nut. Again some would argue I'm compensating for something. And yet more would say I'm crazy and don't need any guns, not even one to protect my family and possessions.  This is one of the most pimp ass guns I've ever seen.  Not only is it a slap in the face to the insecure folks arguing about your penis size because of it's inferior size and pink paint job, but it's easily concealed.  I like the idea out of sight out of mind.

Samsung galaxy vs my old POS

I have an Iphone 3GS.  I'm also still on a family plan with my sister.  I really could care less that she got a new phone every 6months using up everyone elses upgrades, it's her money, she should use it when she wants to(lol JG wentworth), until I started actually using the smart features on my phone. It's a legitimate pain trying to use a phone thats 3 years old and drops calls randomly, though i guess no one but me actually makes phone calls anymore.  So I think i might have to upgrade to a Samsung galaxy SIII when it's released.  The thing has voice and facial recognition, and while i wasn't too impressed with siri on my friends Iphone4, it's nice to be able to tell people your shit is better than theirs in the materialistic world we live in. The facial recognition feature makes the screen stay lit up as long as someone is maintaining eye contact with it, so unless I get mangled in some freak accident like a grease fire and my face becomes completely unrecognizable that's a neat feature too, but I get a feeling that's not how it works exactly.