Former fatty here

So I always liked the movie forest gump because forest was always being a righteous awesome dude despite people being dicks to him. Plus awesome ping pong skills. I also always knew this quote had deeper the movie it's "you never know what you're gonna get" and it relates to how forest was "disadvantaged" but he overcame it.  I've heard people use it as an excuse for oh well i was born with these genetics. Or "it just runs in my family".  And all i have to say to the fatties that say that is, "No one runs in their family".

On the same note...welcome to heart attacks at 30-40 if you don't stop eating 1000 calories at every meal without working out.  Hate on the picture all you want, but the blunt truth is sometimes the best path to success...And another motivational one from everyone's favorite resident pseudo doctor, doctor phil

To those of you that are in shape or working towards not being a stereotypical obese American, I applaud you and ask you to speak out to the people committing suicide by food.  We don't allow people who are dieing have access to assisted suicide why should we allow capable young people to kill themselves...too much?


  1. Haha! Life is like a box of chocolate covered bacon
    Was it really worth it to be a fat ass when you're finished?

  2. Love Forrest Gump, and being fat sucks.

  3. I'm the opposite... I can never bring myself to eat enough to bulk up past a certain point, despite my best efforts.

  4. lol
    life is box of choclate
    thoughtful post