Lands' End Canvas

So i know most of us on the internet are viewed as social outcasts that wear graphic tees with the likes of south park, witty retorts, and internet memes spewed across them.  My favorite happens to be the "protect your nuts" t-shirt with a squirrel holding a gun.  I used to own one of those until an unfortunate laundry accident where i lost a number of earthy brown colored friends of mine...among them, quicksilver and bilabong t-shirts. I think that was the point i told myself i had to graduate to a newer more sophisticated style of dress.  Enter Lands' end.  I love this place for when i feel like dressing like a full blown adult.  Lots of sweaters, dress shirts, chino pants, blazers.  It's like J crew except they actually have good prices.
Lands' End Canvas
 Anyway, I'm not affiliated with these guys in any way (but i do buy their stuff) so if you're in the market for some new threads that make you look like an adult and a bad ass all at the same time, they've got 30% off their entire site until November 13th, just use promo code:FAMILY and pin: 1511  doesn't that Madison bike blazer just look freaking awesome?

The Starbucks Diet

So it would appear that some lady lost 76 pounds on a Starbucks diet recently.  I'm impressed, really, as all the food there seems to be about 500 calories other than black coffee of course. Apparently bistro boxes are the exception to the rule (protein platter anyone?) Granted you’re eating every 5 hours with very few calories and as much coffee as you want to keep that oral fixation to a minimum.  It’s like everyone’s favorite Jarrod from subway.  The guy lost something like 300 pounds but once he was out of the spotlight those pounds just started adding up again.  This lady is a law librarian and seems to understand calories in calories out so I’ll follow her on twitter and hope she keeps up with it(i don't think she has a twitter). As much as I love those sugary drinks from Starbucks I'd much prefer some fresh deli meat and cheese, but to each his own.

I guess you could put together a decent composition from Starbucks if you really wanted to, but why would you want to is the question.  You can get a higher quality cheaper meal from the local grocery store for less effort.  And then you’re not tempted by the high calorie drinks like mocha frapachino with whip for an exorbitant amount of calories.  Maybe it’s just me and my lack of dedication to my diet, but I can’t pass on delicious chocolaty goodness when it’s just sitting right in front of me.
So after reading that, I want to propose a question.  Should we all go on the Starbucks diet?  I’m going to say yes and lets all drink Starbucks coffee and be happy and get skinny at the same time.  Unless we all start experiencing miserable mood swings due to caffeine overload and calorie withdrawals, then I’m out and am going back to pizza and cookies and cake.  If you’re in that boat, you might as well check out my pintrest to make your mouth water with all the good food posted on there, and women seem to enjoy posting half naked pictures of themselves and other hot chicks in their “motivational” boards.  It’s motivational alright.  


Harvard using DNA to Store Information?

Well, It would appear the geniuses at Harvard have done yet another amazing thing with DNA.  After sequencing the stuff for years, they have discovered how to store text information in strands of DNA.  By taking the four letter sequencing of DNA strands and modifying it to code for text and location in the book the text is taken from they have been able to store 704 Terabytes in a gram of  DNA.

Lets put that into perspective.  A 1 Terabyte Hard Drive weighs a little over 450grams.  So putting 400 of these 1 gram DNA packets in the same space would give you about 280,000 Tb of information storage.  Or if we wanted to run in the other direction, a one gram piece of DNA that could fit on the tip of your finger would take the equivalent of 700 1Tb Hard drives weighing 700lbs, thats like 5 or 6 normal people...or one really really fat person.

It would appear the way of encoding and decoding all his information on the fly with your smart phone isn't quite perfected yet, but I'm sure someones already working on an app for that. Imagine being able to give a hand shake with a binding contract and then lets add some skynet crazy nanobots that instagib you if you renege on said contract. I should probably be working with these guys at Harvard to make their mind blowing ideas even more spectacular.

Gotta love california politics and gun laws

First of all, AWB stands for assault weapons ban, second of all, all those things that were afforded to us by the second amendment do nothing to incite the murder of innocence or the death of democracy, in fact, it would appear a bunch of famous old dudes thought they might help to keep democracy ever abundant. I use democracy loosely, but wouldn't it be great if we could leave each other alone and not tell someone how to dress, or what kind of car to drive, or what to eat, or what to smoke, or who to marry, or oh i dunno, what kind of guns they can and can't own.  Pipe dream, I know, to experience true freedoms, but it would be a sight to see. 

A number of people died in a shooting in Colorado at the Batman premiere a few weeks ago.  I didn't say anything about it because it's a personal matter and people deserve to grieve however they do that.  I'd say shoot the guy that shot a bunch of people and be done with it, but that would be taking the bible to a whole new literal level, and i don't think James Holmes has 12 lives and 50some odd injuries to give up.  But I digress, this is about the wonderful politicians of California milking a sad and disturbing incident for all its worth.

I read a funny article by smartgunlaws where they went so far as to imply every lawyer at California DoJ is lacking in the common sense department, as they've sent out a number of letters stating that the "bullet button" is perfectly within the scope of California law. I love this state, it's beautiful, it's got an amazing climate, but I will agree with them on that one.  A lot of the people in this state are so full of themselves they think they are better than one another, better than freedoms(myself included in that large group of course...)

So that's completely irrelevant to anything else I've said and I'm rambling as per usual, but the reason I wanted to put this article here is because the state legislature is trying to use an incident that should be met with sympathy and compassion with a work around to stop hundreds of thousands of Californians from enjoying their weekends at the gun range.  I would love to see the numbers.  Show me how many people have used assault weapons for murder.  Show me how many people have used California legal assault weapons for murder. Once I get those numbers I'm sure whoever sent them was preoccupied with something very important and accidentally sent me numbers including things that are irrelevant, so  I'll have to petition to get new numbers that leave out police homicide, suicide, and accidental deaths.  I'd bet a lot of money(that i don't have) the numbers are insignificant, neigh non existent.  A decimal of a percentage perhaps. 

Hell, I should run for office(I'm far too sarcastic and would probably get impeached for some sort of harassment) I'd vote for laws based on statistics, not feel good laws about your latest GMO or criminal incarceration case, not that we can get legitimate statistics, which if you were paying attention in highschool(bad example no one pays attention in high school) and read a newspaper once or twice a month, you understand by now. Don't just vote for something because you hear a friend tell you its a good idea.  How many times have you seen those shows on TV where someone says "Hey guys watch this" and ends up in the hospital.  Are you really gonna go try it yourself after seeing that?  Voting is a lot like that. 

Hell, I'm still pissed Arnold signed the .50 caliber ban, a ban on a tool that's never been used to murder a single person in the state of California...I thought he was an action hero(terrible movie, don't see it). I will go see the expendables II though.

/End Rant

Life Hacks, this is how you do it

I came across a post somewhere on the internet about life hacks... I wish I had known about all these awesome ideas 10 years ago.  Save money, less frustration, plus theres a way to de-odorize a sponge...I wonder if it works for people.  You know, those people that, when they walk through the door you don't even need to turn around to know it's them. Their aroma just wafts through the air and enrages your nostrils to no end.  I don't think they make microwaves big enough though, and you might need a ton of dishwasher detergent.

Tesla Roadster troll

Yep, that's Teslas' new electric car, the Tesla Roadster.  Looks an awful lot like a Lotus Elise, but it's got a tesla emblem on the back between the taillights if you pull out your magnifying glass.  Well, maybe it's just the color that made me think like that.  But the thing that threw me off was the license plate.  This guy is just trolling everyone on the road. Not only is his car more badass than yours, but it's electric so he can piss off all the hippies in their stanky bio diesels and shitty VW vans.  Granted cost to own and unit production means you have to posses lots of dem moniez.

I think i need to buy a real beater and put contradictory bumper stickers all over it.  You know when you see a bumper sticker that agrees with your personal political/sociological viewpoint and you kind of nod your head like fuck yeah this person gets me...I want to do that to people then have them pause and think...wait WTF, why does this person want to bomb Mecca and re elect Obama.

Internet memes with Dickfigures...

A friend sent me this video that I hadn't seen before, and since there's a little internet troll inside all of us I figured we should entertain the idea of pwning noobs every so often. While I'm not sure how I feel about the name of this series "Dickfigures", it's entertaining as balls. (see what i did there) Check them out, watch a few videos, but don't forget, YouTube should never be taken seriously...ever. Unless it's TEDtalks. Or Chuck Norris jokes. Or Jenna Marbles.  Or the honey badger...damn honey badger.

Google's Nexus 7 Tablet

Google's Nexus 7 Tablet has been getting a lot of hype over the past few days since their announcement of the tablet and google play which would appear to be a combination of hulu or netflix instant, as well as a magazine, book, and music subscription service.  All and all it's looking like google made a good move with the combination release of their new service and this well priced Nexus 7 tablet.

It's price is currently at 200 dollars for the 8gb model and 250 for the 16gig version.  While the storage size difference doesn't seem like much, with the app storage as well as making room for the operating system, it might be prudent to opt for the Nexus 7 16gb model so you can store some of your favorite TV shows or movies while still using the tablet for your daily internet browsing.  You'll have to have a constant wi-fi connection though, because the Nexus 7 doesn't have any planned mobile affinities.

Quick and Dirty
 Pros:Price, this thing is about 300 dollars cheaper than

Life is Living

I know two kinds of people.  People who do what they love and people who love talking about how much money they make doing something they hate.  I have so much admiration for people who love what they do so much they can talk enthusiastically about it for hours on end.  They don't scold or give you a look of disdain when you ask them about their job when you're out for drinks, but give you a grin and try to keep the explanation simple. Of course their explanation is never enough because of how enthralled you become with their pure love of what they're talking about. 

Then there's the guy who never stops talking about his hourly wage when you ask what they do.  Oh I'm in this profession, it's terrible, I hate it, but I make lots of money.  I guess I'm saying, find a job you love enough that it's more a lifestyle than a job that you resent going to Monday morning.  If you can say tomorrow is Monday and I'm happy to go to work then you've probably beaten half the people on the planet at the game of life, if you make it a competition of course. 

Freedom or uh, blank stares?

I need to get the hell out of California.  I love the weather but I'll be damned if I can't be truly free. I swear the politicians not only in this state, but across the country think up laws just to troll people...the less insight you have into my opinion on this the more you'll agree with it so I'll leave all 37 of my readers at that. Freedom is an interesting concept that we don't seem to grasp in the "freest"(that's a word, i looked it up) nation on earth. Anyway, back to learning how to save lives.

Get going before complacency sets in

I try not to spend too much time reflecting on what I've done as it doesn't help me make progress towards most of my goals in life.  Other than when I'm trying to compile a list of extracurricular activities that may or may not have to do with the program I'm applying to or the job I'm trying to get of course. One of the biggest walls I see people come up against is that they're too busy dwelling on the past instead of taking one foot and putting it in front of the other. Stagnation sucks, keep going before you become content with it.

Irony and motivation

"One original thought is worth a thousand mindless quotings"  Notice that's in quotation marks.  I have a ton of these random pictures that I put up as my screen saver and when i come back from grabbing a cup of coffee or a phone call, sometimes I just sit there and think.  Some are more geared towards those of us that have certain goals like for me, fitness, as i used to be fat as fat can be.  After putting in months and years of dedication, you don't need those little spurts of motivation anymore because you've changed your mindset. I've got another good quote for mindset that I'll have to dig through my hard drive to find. Or i could, ya know, try and think something up that's original but how many mindless quotings is a picture with a mindless quoting worth...

Professional photographer

About a year ago i picked up a canon T2I.  It's part of the rebel EOS family and I thought it would make me take great pictures.  I just saw an ad for a canon T4I rebel and thought to, i spent way too much money on a camera I never use.  A few weddings and some family pick-nicks later and I realized I never take as many pictures as I like and i have to carry this boat anchor around with me.  Don't get me wrong the camera has a lot of functionality and if i had the time and energy to figure out how to use all those cool features it would probably be one of my favorite toys.  As of right now though, i think I'll stick to my point and shoot 1911, sure it can't take pictures but it makes memories just as well.  If you're looking into getting a "professional" camera like the brand spanking new Canon T4I, I'd suggest looking into how much time you have to learn how to use it besides just the amount of time you'll be taking pictures.  It's a very time consuming hobby.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

I feel like this would make the movie so much better...Abraham Lincoln riding a bear holding an AR15 with the constitution and an American flag saddle...I doubt it could get much more bad ass than this. Maybe if they made the hat a little taller, I think it could be lacking in height...

What I look Like when I run

This, every damn time...this.  I look derpy as hell when I run. In fact, I think I make the people who think this is them look good.

Obviously Compensating

I love guns. Some would call me a gun nut. Again some would argue I'm compensating for something. And yet more would say I'm crazy and don't need any guns, not even one to protect my family and possessions.  This is one of the most pimp ass guns I've ever seen.  Not only is it a slap in the face to the insecure folks arguing about your penis size because of it's inferior size and pink paint job, but it's easily concealed.  I like the idea out of sight out of mind.

Samsung galaxy vs my old POS

I have an Iphone 3GS.  I'm also still on a family plan with my sister.  I really could care less that she got a new phone every 6months using up everyone elses upgrades, it's her money, she should use it when she wants to(lol JG wentworth), until I started actually using the smart features on my phone. It's a legitimate pain trying to use a phone thats 3 years old and drops calls randomly, though i guess no one but me actually makes phone calls anymore.  So I think i might have to upgrade to a Samsung galaxy SIII when it's released.  The thing has voice and facial recognition, and while i wasn't too impressed with siri on my friends Iphone4, it's nice to be able to tell people your shit is better than theirs in the materialistic world we live in. The facial recognition feature makes the screen stay lit up as long as someone is maintaining eye contact with it, so unless I get mangled in some freak accident like a grease fire and my face becomes completely unrecognizable that's a neat feature too, but I get a feeling that's not how it works exactly. 


Former fatty here

So I always liked the movie forest gump because forest was always being a righteous awesome dude despite people being dicks to him. Plus awesome ping pong skills. I also always knew this quote had deeper the movie it's "you never know what you're gonna get" and it relates to how forest was "disadvantaged" but he overcame it.  I've heard people use it as an excuse for oh well i was born with these genetics. Or "it just runs in my family".  And all i have to say to the fatties that say that is, "No one runs in their family".

Aren't you just special

Well this demotivational pretty much says it all...just because you're unique doesn't mean you're useful.  That goes for all the people with their strong values that think their degrees in liberal arts and sociology mean they deserve to be employed making enough money to pay back their loans. Was investing 100 grand into an education at a private university with no understanding as to what you were getting out of the deal a bad idea?  You tell me. I don't think standing outside in the rain protesting people who got useful degrees is making you any money to pay back those loans.  Better get flipping burgers ;)
Then again, I don't have a degree so what do I know right.

Awesome badassery

This right here is the epitome of awesome.  Those dogs are just chillin with their sunglasses and the one on the side doesn't give a damn.  He's obviously in charge.

Fat is delicious

Really i don't even know, but the S&W 500 is a pretty sweet in XXXL like my dads shirts.  Him and 30% of the population. Do yourself a favor, eat something grilled not processed.  Less carbs more steak. Be a man. Fat doesn't make you fat too much food does.

I love people

People like this are going to reproduce one day.  Or this is your son or daughter, I'm not quite sure which.  Obviously raised to a high standard.

Politically incorrect

I'm going to veer off of the whole food course and just post things that are funny.  Some people won't find them funny, in fact many people will find them disturbing or repulsive. I'm going to attribute that to them having a weak mind or not having truly lived in the world and realized that the politically correct bullshit we see on TV is a facade designed to make us hate each other.  That or I'm making things up, but if this was(depending on your political beliefs) on CNN, MSNBC, or Fox news you'd believe it in a heartbeat. Right...

PS...Photoshop is awesome