French Toast

shallow bowl, 2 eggs.
cinnamon, brown sugar, milk

mix it up, add piece of bread, flip piece of bread

Grease the pan, add the basted bread

Flip and...

 I'm terrible at directions, so i use pictures.  I was bored and wanted some french toast and decided to share it's wonderful goodness with the 2 people that read my blog.  Somewhere between 110-150 calories per slice depending on the ingredients. The powdered sugar is terrible for you at about 120 calories for 1/4 a cup so i just sprinkled a little on so it looked sexy.  The mix made enough for about 3 slices of toast but 2 was more than enough for me to tingle my sweet tooth and stay well within my calories/macros for the day.  To be honest, white bread makes better french toast but the wheat is much better for you and all i had lying around so i used that.  If you forgo the powdered sugar it's actually not a terrible meal for a diet.  I'd guess a 50/20/30 split or thereabouts, i don't want to look cause i know I'll regret the carbs even though i'm not on a keto diet. 

No, i don't eat my toast with a spoon although that would be something wouldn't it. 


So we should colonize Mars.  I'm volunteering to go, I don't even have to come back.  I'd be more than content with hitting golf balls off into the distance and doing sciencesque stuff like digging in the dirt.  Come to think of it we've been doing sciencey stuff since we were little kids but instead of martian rocks we were digging up cat turds in the sand box...amazing how stuff like that works huh we just lacked the intelligence to analyze and catalog the attributes of it, I take that back, some of us definitely cataloged and dissected poo as kids.  Glad to know I wasn't one of them.

I will settle for a moon base if mars is too far, k thanks.  But only if we get sweet lasers.

Mother's Day

So this weekend was Mother's Day. I made my mom an ice cream cake, which in retrospect was probably a terrible idea since we've all been trying to get my dad to lose weight.  See now the reason i took a picture of the roses in front of the house is because when my mom came in she saw the roses that my dad had cut from the front yard and put in a vase, she glanced at me and asked if i was being a cheap ass or just forgot it was Mother's Day. Without saying a word I handed her the card I'd bought at the hallmark store earlier that week and proceeded to wish her a happy Mother's Day.