Lemon BBQ chicken

*Caution:You won't be making this tonight*

A lot of people tend to just throw their chicken on the grill and slather on some BBQ sauce in the last few minutes of cooking.  There's nothing wrong with that, it works, and I won't get into the BBQvsGrilling debate, but for me it's all about the marinate-that will sit for at least 12 hours, preferably 24.  It's simple, you'll need 3 things:
-BBQ sauce
-Lemon Juice
-Chicken, don't forget the chicken

 Any BBQ sauce should work.  I used Sweet Baby Ray's original this time, but I've used their brown sugar/hickory, their spicy, and KC masterpiece original.  Those are all my favorites because they're fairly sweet and i have a HUGE sweet tooth...mmm cupcakes

 Chicken breast, I got a massive value pack for some other interesting things I'm trying, that and I eat a lot of chicken.  Gotta get that protein in. I like these because they were already sliced into strips at the butcher. Always thank your butcher, it pays dividends when they tell you about their secrets or invite you to their BBQ this weekend...they have the best BBQs.

 So here you're going to put the BBQ sauce into a zip lock and squirt in some lemon juice so the BBQ sauce gets fairly watery, then close the bag, mix it all up and prepare for the blunt of your work.

  Place all the chicken into the bag without making a mess and seal it up, then mix that BBQ sauce up so it's coating every piece of chicken and place it in the fridge overnight to absorb that flavor.


  Now go grill.  I cook at about for 5-8 minutes on each side. between the BBQ and grill temperature on my grill(it's cheap)

 Flip it and cook it until it's done.  Some people think the marinating causes chicken to burn, that's because they don't know how to cook.  Look Ma, no burnt pieces. 

Disregard the 2 flat steaks on the left, all i did was throw some Montreal meat rub on it and grilled it with the chicken...that was my lunch, the chicken is my lunch for the next few days.  That is a large plate and all that chicken fit in a small zip-lock bag. It was also only half of the chicken from that value pack. 

Also, I have used vinegar in place of lemon juice and it's just as effective at getting the chicken to absorb the sugary flavor, but it tastes like well vinegar so if you want to try that, go ahead...I'm always one for encouraging creativity. 


  1. Oh boy, so much for my diet. I prefer chicken over beef, too.

  2. @Talerfuchs, no don't say that. No reason we can't enjoy good food and lose weight. I lost over 60 lbs this year, have 10-15 more to go and eat food like this every day. All about calories in vs calories out and the best way to do that is portion control. I have issues with cookies and other stuff thats just sitting there ready to eat so i don't keep it in the house, but if I have to cook something to eat it i can make sure i make just enough so i don't go over my daily calorie limit. Good luck with your diet, and if you need help/support, feel free to shoot me an email

  3. loooks soooo yummmay! will be trying soon hope it goes well with some spicy bbq

  4. I want to try it, but I'm missing the zip-lock bag. I'll find a substitute container ;]

  5. Yeah the only reason i use a ziplock is because i find it easier to mix the marinate up, but any sort of tupperware/bowl with a top or plastic wrap over it should work.

  6. wow that really make me hungry,looks really nice..great post

  7. I love marinade! I soak my jerky in a dreamy mixture of sauces and spices for 48 hours before I start drying it.

  8. Yeah, if you had a like button on here...I'd be liking this right about now. Or, well, I will in 24 hours. Good Stuff, thanks, God Bless You

  9. I'm sad that summer is over, and witer is comming! I gotta get at least 1 more good BBQ day in and this chicken might just do the trick!

  10. mmm im hungry now! Id better go get some chicken!