Bacon and Eggs, how original

-Great sense of accomplishment because people will be impressed by your amazing cooking skills despite having made little more than a mcdonalds breakfast.

 Start out by frying up some delicious bacon.  You want the bacon so it's still pliable and easily bent, this is probably a little too undercooked to be honest, but it will crisp a little bit in the oven.


You want to dry the bacon with a paper towel on the top and bottom to remove any excess grease. Make sure to snack on a piece or two once they've nom nom.

 You're going to want to pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees, spray down a muffin tray with cooking spray or butter or whatever your favorite non-stick item is. After that you want to put a piece of bacon around the edge so it forms a cup then break a piece of bacon off of a second strip and use it as the base of that cup.

 Mmmm...shredded cheddar cheese, I've used the packaged taco cheese before and it works pretty well, really whatever your favorite cheese that goes with eggs will work.

 Crack your eggs into the bacon cups.

 Cover each with cheese and bake for approximately 15 minutes. 400degrees.

 This should be enough to get the egg white to cook and the yolk to harden like a hard boiled egg, might be interesting to try with a lower temp or shorter time to try and get a yolky center, but I'm not that talented...maybe another day.

grab a fork and they should just pop right out of the muffin tray with no hassle provided you remembered the non-stick spray. Make yourself a sweet decoration of delicious bacon goodness.  The best part is they're portable and easy to eat on the go, although once in a while you might bite into a part that's a little bit greasy, but that's a good thing because grease=fat=flavor.


  1. Oh God I love bacon, I love eggs, I love cheese, I love bacon and eggs, why have I never tried this? Why?

  2. haha, no wonder why the Americans are so fat, this fatty dish looks so damn enthralling.

  3. I have never experienced, is not very common here I live, but it looks nice!

  4. Good chance you have just changed my life with this post. HAHAH. I've developed a major bacon and egg habit after learning that this combo isn't as bad for you as the liars, er, I mean, scientists claimed.


  5. omg this looks so good and easy to make. I'll definitely try this department, prepare yourself!


  6. It's a simple recipe and looks delicious.

  7. OH my goodness! did you think this little thing up! it looks so dang good! took something old and timeless and put a new spin on it to make it just something super tasty !

  8. Haha, yeah i think i saw something similar on food network and decided to throw it up because it's just so simple. I've got something in my pocket about a biscuit filled with sausage, eggs, bacon, and cheese but it's not perfect yet...