Way Too Random

I'm going to post something to this blog everyday, whether it's related to what i had for breakfast, where i went for dinner, how many times i died in CoD:Black Ops, the number of people I ignored today, how i raged at the guy in the mercedes that thinks he's better than me because his car costs twice as much as yours )which is funny because people in American cars like corvettes, challengers, cameros(the ones that cost more than your local drive through kid makes in a few years) seem to be more respectful and actually know who has the right of way), people failing at grammar and using multiple ellipses in a single sentence...or parentheses...or the people in class that think they have to respond to every single thing the teacher says, run on sentences, or the sentences that are just too long because the person writing it made a list and instead of using single words or references in that list decided whole sentences were adequate and even necessary. 

If you got through that i applaud you, neigh i commend you.  I'd love comments on my daily bullshit: love me, berate me, encourage me, lie to me.  I don't enjoy lettuce but i love broccoli...only if it has some butter on it or a nice fatty cheese dip.  I'll post something insignificant later today or tomorrow about food too. Why not.  If you hate something about my blog let me know so i can change it, or not change it, but at least you put your opinion out there which counts for more than you might think.

I'll leave you with the quote, "90% of life is just showing up" and i don't even like Woody Allen.

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