I absolutely love food. The food network was my favorite channel to watch if i was on a break in the mid afternoon and had a bit of time to kill, but recently the travel channel has been stepping up their game.  They have two great shows, man vs food and Bizarre foods.  The bizarre foods show can be a little lacking sometimes especially if you're not into watching people eat bugs or weird animal parts, but man vs food is by far the best food show out there right now.  They're doing a special called Carnivore chronicles and i've been tempted to go to each of the places they've visited just to try an amazing brisket, steak or burger.  Every minute is mouthwatering and makes me want to splurge again and again on some orgasmic foodstuffs.  But alas, my whole wheat pasta and chicken will have to suffice as I'm a fatass that's too lazy to burn all those extra calories through exercise.  I think I'll do a cheese stuffed burger for my cheat meal over the weekend though, so I'll need some recommendations for what type of cheese would be best...


  1. man VS food is a pretty awesome show..

    don't know too much about what kinds of cheese are the best, maybe some montery jack

  2. My mother has her bloody TV LOCKED on the food network, I cant help but to watch the stuff when Im over there.

    I have to admit, in a family where I was taught how to cook with great expectation, I am a full lover of food, but I cant honestly say I am that dedicated to actually studying the art of cuisine.