Yeah, you all remember that song.  I have no idea how i remember it as I'm pretty sure I've never listened to it on the radio but i damn well remember it.  I remember the chorus anyway, how could you not. Anyway, that's my post workout banana and it was tasty as all hell. I would've had a brotein shake but I'm all out of powder so I'll have to go get some more at the store, and yes you read that right...Brotein because we all know only bros drink protein shakes. Except me, I'm obviously not a bro because I'm referring to bros as we all know them.  3 popped collars of awesome.

Chicken Marsala

Chicken Marsala con Parmesan cheese. Quite the tasty morsel.  I probably should've  done one breast and a little dab of some green stuff on a square plate to make it look like one of those overpriced fancy restaurants, but it tasted fine to me just the way it was.


I love nature.  No, I'm not some tree hugging hippy.  I'd just as easily go dove hunting as bird watching or take a picture of this turkey.  Actually, I take that back, I probably never would go bird watching as it's boring as shit to sit there doing nothing for hours on end.  That's why i don't fish. Other than the getting drunk off your ass and almost falling into a lake aspect of fishing, there isn't much to it. I guess fly fishing takes a lot of skill but my grandfather passed before he was able to teach me that skill, and looking back, I wish i would've spent a lot more time with my grandfather, fishing rather than playing super mario brothers.

Cell phone customer service

Don't you absolutely love how phone companies treat their customers?  My friend lost her phone and hadn't bought the insurance plan like i had told her to, so yes it's for the most part her fault.  The problem i have is with the company not doing a search on the phone because she didn't activate a plan for 15 dollars a month when if the police call with a warrant, wam, bam, thank you mam done done and done you're phone's on 3rd and mission, here's the satellite imaging photo we pulled up of the dude that has it walking down the street, here's his address, and all the places he's been in the past 24 hours.  I'm sorry but if it's my account, and i tell someone it's ok, why can't they get off their lazy ass and do the same for me?  Am i not paying this phone company more than that police department that asked you to get them the same exact information? It's quite funny when the person behind the desk doesn't have an answer for all that.  Anyway, she's using her old phone, and iphone 3gs, which forces me to ask the question...Why did you upgrade to the 4g in the first place?

Get outside

OMG A SQUIRREL, maybe a secret squirrel? -taken in Anadel state park, CA

I went for a run this morning.  6 Miles. It was brutal, mostly because I'm not a runner, I'll hike in the state park a few times a month and do 6-8 miles because it's so damn pretty up there, but running around the neighborhood is more of a pain than a joy.  Despite the hindrance it was to roll out of bed an hour and a half earlier, I went out and did it and i feel great now.  Do yourself a favor and go out and get your blood flowing.  play basketball or tennis with a friend, go for a bike ride, anything to get yourself up and away from the computer.  I know I spend too much time on it.  Which reminds me, raid in an hour and i need flasks.

Oh and so you know I'm not some super athlete, I'm 5'9" 195lbs of pure sex(fat), so no excuses, skinny or fat, go get some exercise.  Start with a walk if you can't jog/run yet.  It's one of those things you'll never regret even if you hate it at the time.


Whenever i wake up in the morning, as most of us do, i make the glance and the lunge for the snooze button on the alarm clock.  Now, i set this time to wake up for a reason, i have to take a shower, brush my teeth, drink 5 too many cups of coffee, and of course think of something witty or stupid to say on the internet where everyone can read it. 

I still push snooze.  8 Minutes of cuddly goodness in my queen sized bed. Relaxed,  refreshed, and ready to get up but we all still tell our selves; no no, just 5 more minutes, i don't want to go to school today in that childish tone.  But alas, we force ourselves up out of bed and into our morning routines. 

I hate that damn button, I hate it with a passion, especially the times it makes me late.

Juicy Lucy

The Juicy Lucy(no that's not a fat chick) was featured on man vs food's carnivore chronicles and I was going to attempt to make one this weekend but i ended up saying screw that and went to this local burger joint called ozzy's for lunch and got a double bacon cheese burger which I'm sure was just as good(it had bacon so duh).  It was supplemented by their amazing chili cheese fries; hot and spicy goodness.

You're Mad

I swear everyone in my family is bi-polar.  I was talking to my dad today and he raged out when i told him he should probably watch his food intake because he's super at risk for diabetes.  He goes on to tell me he bought frozen chicken nuggets for a healthy meal instead of pizza or burgers from a takeout place.  I proceeded to read the label and tell him he can only eat about 8 of them with some veggies on the side before he's approaching the range of a couple double cheeseburgers from mcdonalds at which point he had this dumbfounded look on his face and continued to argue his point that he was right for getting something different.  Oh well, I tried...moving on. 

My sister, now she may have been on her cycle or something but when i ask you how your week was, it doesn't mean I'm out to get you and want to ruin your life.  Nor does it mean i want specific details into your dating life and the scumbags you hook up with. I'm really just making conversation because I'm bored as all hell and you're the only person in the room to talk to. There's really no need to yell at me and tell me I'm a dick because i really don't think I am, to you anyway.  There is always the slight chance I'm misinterpreting myself, but we'll leave that for another day.   End Rant, and i hope your families are more enjoyable to be around.


Justified is probably the best done modernized western(if you could call it that) that I've seen.  This show is just amazing.  Timothy Oliphant and his hat are a great lead and the rest of the cast are quite powerful actors as well. 
The show mixes crime procedural with cowboy action and powerful social situations to create a drama that draws you in until the very end. 

If you like all around badassery and lots of gun play you'll love this show, or if you're a dude with half a brain.  Also, if you enjoyed the shield or the unit, both of which were amazing shows you should check out Shawn Ryan's new show The Chicago Code, previews look great and i'll have to watch it on the dvr when i get a chance this weekend.


I absolutely love food. The food network was my favorite channel to watch if i was on a break in the mid afternoon and had a bit of time to kill, but recently the travel channel has been stepping up their game.  They have two great shows, man vs food and Bizarre foods.  The bizarre foods show can be a little lacking sometimes especially if you're not into watching people eat bugs or weird animal parts, but man vs food is by far the best food show out there right now.  They're doing a special called Carnivore chronicles and i've been tempted to go to each of the places they've visited just to try an amazing brisket, steak or burger.  Every minute is mouthwatering and makes me want to splurge again and again on some orgasmic foodstuffs.  But alas, my whole wheat pasta and chicken will have to suffice as I'm a fatass that's too lazy to burn all those extra calories through exercise.  I think I'll do a cheese stuffed burger for my cheat meal over the weekend though, so I'll need some recommendations for what type of cheese would be best...


Some folks get really mad when a random ass person comes up to talk to them out of the blue. I can understand this if the person smells like they just walked out of the sewer because hygiene is important, but we have this need to show our hatred and say that we dislike these people that are just really friendly, when in fact i think most people enjoy it.  Despite being completely incompetent and having a super low IQ most people on the face of the earth could teach you something if you only gave them enough time.  I met this old man on the bus ride back from the airport that i never would've spoken to had it not been for a 3 hour ride from place to place.  Sure i had my shitty iphone with some music and the internet on it, but this guy was 100 times more interesting than browsing yahoo news or listening to the same songs rotate through the queue for 3 hours. He told me about his son's career, how he'd served in Vietnam, the daughter and her family that he was going to visit, the things he'd learned running his own business. He sure wasn't the most intelligent or innovative person out there, in fact he was pretty ordinary, but spending three hours BSing with him was a lot more rewarding than 3 hours on my phone.

I know i need to stop disconnecting myself from the world.  With all the electronics and our ability to completely ignore face to face encounters we all should really make strides to talk to people we usually wouldn't(unless they look like a serial killer/rapist,yes i do judge too).  You never know what you may learn from the people you meet.  The one thing i regret is not keeping in touch with this random dude because i'm sure he had more stories to tell, and hopefully you'll meet him one day.

Way Too Random

I'm going to post something to this blog everyday, whether it's related to what i had for breakfast, where i went for dinner, how many times i died in CoD:Black Ops, the number of people I ignored today, how i raged at the guy in the mercedes that thinks he's better than me because his car costs twice as much as yours )which is funny because people in American cars like corvettes, challengers, cameros(the ones that cost more than your local drive through kid makes in a few years) seem to be more respectful and actually know who has the right of way), people failing at grammar and using multiple ellipses in a single sentence...or parentheses...or the people in class that think they have to respond to every single thing the teacher says, run on sentences, or the sentences that are just too long because the person writing it made a list and instead of using single words or references in that list decided whole sentences were adequate and even necessary. 

If you got through that i applaud you, neigh i commend you.  I'd love comments on my daily bullshit: love me, berate me, encourage me, lie to me.  I don't enjoy lettuce but i love broccoli...only if it has some butter on it or a nice fatty cheese dip.  I'll post something insignificant later today or tomorrow about food too. Why not.  If you hate something about my blog let me know so i can change it, or not change it, but at least you put your opinion out there which counts for more than you might think.

I'll leave you with the quote, "90% of life is just showing up" and i don't even like Woody Allen.